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PhoneWorld Telecommunications, served by the world’s leading networks, offers cost-efficient, top quality phone lines for Fixed Net, Mobile and Internet to corporate and residential customers in Switzerland. PhoneWorld is migrating analog/ISDN lines to all IPCall (VoIP) in line with a country-wide move.

For international customers and travellers, PhoneWorld provides a worldwide calling card/call-back service and an international SIM card which substantially reduces international roaming charges. More importantly, PhoneWorld's IPCall mobile is the most cost-effective way to make and receive mobile calls worldwide.

Telecom Quality "Made in Switzerland"

swiss landline

Swiss VoIP
IP Telephony

A cost efficient premium quality VoIP service. We connect with quality for less, so why pay more for the same?

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swiss mobile

Swiss Mobile

In partnership with leading mobile networks. Call within Switzerland and around the world for LESS! No fees. No minimum usage. IPCall mobile available.

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swiss internet

Swiss Internet

Fast, secure and convenient browsing. Speeds up to 1 GB. Choose according to your needs for download and upload speeds.

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worldwide services

Worldwide Services

For the savvy international traveller we offer the International SIM card and a toll-free access of the Global Calling Card in over 80 countries.

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PhoneWorld is offering a range of PhoneWorld-branded, high quality, competitively priced products – ranging from smartphones, smartwatches, walkie talkies to numerous accessories.

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